Press Release

New year message from CEO(Summary)

Last year in 2013, Calsonic Kansei (CK) succeeded in taking a jump-start from April in achieving profitability, and achieved a V-shaped recovery with various activities of all the global CK members. This year, we must keep up this momentum and make it a year for CK to take steady steps toward the mid-term goals described in "CK GX4 T10". I expect that in 2014, CK's business environment will remain tough, and the pace of change will further accelerate. We are requested to anticipate the wave of this change, take measures in advance, and flexibly respond to it. For 2014, I would like to outline 3 expectations which I want you to challenge with you.

  1. Bold challenge to Only One / No. 1 We should always seek the Gold Medal -- it doesn't matter whether it is something world first, Japan first, or CK-group first, but we must aim to become the "Only One". To win the Gold Medal and become the Only One, we at Calsonic Kansei must always remember frontier spirit and challenge to anything.
  1. Promotion of Explication of Knowledge It is the fact that implicit knowledge has been the strength of Monozukuri. However, we are in the middle of rapid spread of globalization and diversification. So depending on implicit knowledge is the high risk of global business development. Let's share knowledge with our global members. To do so, please create manuals through standardization, changing from implicit knowledge to explication of knowledge.
  1. Improvement in Readiness Darwin said as follows; "It is the one that is the most adaptable to change that survives."The importance of responding to environment change is the same to the business world.All issues, even an unexpected one, should have some causes. We must identify such causes and improve our readiness for risks.

We have a big dream of becoming a "Great Company". A strong desire to attain a dream will further grow both company and individuals. With this growth, I am sure that each of you will become fulfilled in your life.

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