Our Stance on CSR

CSR Mid-Term Plan

Basic Stance

Taking into consideration the progress made in CSR initiatives, the Calsonic Kansei Group formulated its first CSR Mid-Term Plan as an organization in May 2016. By incorporating requests from stakeholders more fully than before, the new plan stresses the importance of expanding the target for the PDCA cycle to all corners of our globalizing Group.

CSR Vision

Toward the goal of remaining an honest and trusted company, we strive to create a rewarding workplace, develop aware employees who tackle social issues, build a resilient company, and contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society.

Priority Measures

1. Improving Employee Awareness

From the viewpoint of encouraging active participation of women and securing human resources, which are some of the major issues in the manufacturing sector, we are working to create an easy-to-work-in and attractive workplace, and improve employee awareness levels so they are able to sense social issues on their own and work toward resolving them.

(1) Creating a rewarding workplace (decent work)

(2) Improving employee awareness about tackling social issues

2. Coexisting with Society

As a global company, we are building a system that complies with global rules.

(1) Compliance with international standards in human rights and labor rules

(2) Resolution of social issues through business operations

3. Improving Corporate Value

As we strengthen our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives in both financial and non-financial operations, place a particular focus on the development of eco-friendly products, so that we can continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, while also growing sustainably ourselves at the same time.

(1) Achieving the Mid-Term Management Plan

(2) Strengthening our CSR activities