Our Stance on CSR

Key Issues in CSR Activities

Identification of Key CSR Issues

The Calsonic Kansei Group has identified its key CSR issues and KPIs as a concrete action plan for the CSR Mid-Term Plan, and is striving to reliably implement the PDCA cycle to achieve them. To identify the key CSR issues, we conducted a materiality analysis from a global Group perspective, paying particular attention to the precise identification of society’s expectations.

Calsonic Kansei Group’s Materiality

With regard to the Calsonic Kansei Group’s materiality, we have classified the various initiatives we have undertaken to date according to the seven core subjects defined in ISO 26000, the guidance document for social responsibility, using the following two parameters: (1) degree of stakeholder expectation, and (2) the degree of difficulty and time it will take to achieve. In this way, we have adopted a process that identifies key CSR issues based on priority. Based on the results of the materiality analysis, the Calsonic Kansei Group identified 25 key CSR issues and 43 initiatives, and has started implementing the PDCA cycle on those issues and initiatives according to their priority. The progress of initiatives for each key issue and their outcomes are reviewed by senior management and released in our sustainability reports.

Issues to be Addressed

Issues to be Addressed

Materiality Assessment Process

Calsonic Kansei headquarters played a central role in the materiality assessment process, which was undertaken from a global Group perspective. As a means of incorporating a wide variety of stakeholder expectations, we adopted the following viewpoints as evaluation parameters.

Viewpoints Incorporated into Materiality Assessment

1. Feedback through day-to-day dialogue
Customer comments, employee questionnaires, market questionnaires, etc.

2. Global economic and social mega-trends and initiatives
World Economic Forum’s Global Risk 2015, United Nations’ Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), etc.

3. International CSR guidance and guidelines
ISO 26000, GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, etc.

4. Evaluations by ESG investment rating agencies
FTSE4Good, CDP Climate Change, Toyo Keizai’s CSR Ranking, etc.

Active Incorporation of Expert Recommendations

For some time, Calsonic Kansei has actively sought to implement the recommendations of independent experts. For this year’s report, we obtained a third-party opinion from Ms. Kumi Fujisawa, a highly respected expert in the areas of CSR and ESG.


Approaches to Execution of Key CSR Issues

The Calsonic Kansei Group has appointed certain divisions to be responsible for each of the 25 key CSR issues. Since FY2016, those responsible divisions have played a central role in advancing the steady execution of the KPIs.

Also, in consideration of the increasingly borderless nature of our business, we are in the process of actively expanding the scope of the PDCA cycle beyond Japan to our overseas operations as well. Going forward, with Calsonic Kansei global headquarters acting as the division with overall control, we will set up divisions in each region to manage CSR, for the pursuit of CSR initiatives that are precisely in line with the individual characteristics of each region.

Global CSR Structure

Global CSR Structure