Corporate Governance Basic Policies

Basic Views

The Company aims to improve corporate value and achieve stable long-term growth. To achieve these goals, the Company believes it is vital to contribute to creating a prosperous society through its business activities and to have excellent relationships with all stakeholders. Based on this viewpoint, the Company strives to enhance corporate governance.

Basic Policies

1. The Company shall strive to secure stakeholders’ rights and equality, and assure an environment in which their rights can be exercised appropriately.

2. The Company shall strive to cooperate with non-shareholding stakeholders in an appropriate manner.

3. The Company shall disclose information in compliance with laws and regulations, and shall strive to ensure transparent management through proactive communication and supply of information.

4. The Company shall strive to ensure that the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors are performed in an appropriate manner to secure transparent, sound, and responsive decision-making.

5. The Company shall strive to have constructive two-way dialogues with shareholders by supplying information in a timely and appropriate manner.