Modern slavery

Defined as a person who is working in conditions that he or she is unable to refuse or escape from, such as human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, forced or servile marriage, forced sexual exploitation, and child exploitation.

Due diligence

Identify the negative social, environmental, and economic impacts of an organization's decisions and activities, and avoid or mitigate those impacts.


QCDDMS stands for Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development, Management, Sales. It refers to the criteria for the evaluation of these factors.


Volatile Organic Compounds.

QC circle

QC stands for Quality Control. Quality Control Circles are small groups of employees that undertake activities aimed at improving quality at manufacturing sites.

CK specific


Monozukuri refers to the creation of value in all respects, through manufacturing fine products and providing excellent services in a timely manner to meet customers’ expectations.


Quality System Evaluation Standard. Calsonic Kansei's proprietary standard for quality system evaluation.


GEC: A Conference, chaired by the CEO, which reports, debates, and makes decisions on important matters concerning global management.