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Establishing Calsonic Kansei Next Generation Scholarship as Part of Saitama Window to the World Scholarships

Calsonic Kansei Corporation (President & CEO: Hiroshi Moriya; Headquarters: Kita-ku, Saitama City) supports development of globally competitive personnel from Saitama Prefecture through overseas studies through the Calsonic Kansei Next Generation Scholarship, which will form part of the Saitama Window to the World Scholarships under Saitama International Association's newly established Saitama Fund for Active Global Talent.

"Supporting the next generation" is one of the pillars of Calsonic Kansei's social contributions, with many activities being conducted to develop future talent. Although Calsonic Kansei has already been making efforts such as accepting interns, it hopes to use this new initiative to further expand its personnel development activities in Saitama Prefecture, where its global headquarters for Monozukuri production and development is located.

Launched in 2017, the Saitama Window to the World Scholarships will be supported through a new fund established by Saitama International Association. The scholarship seeks to develop globally competitive personnel by supporting highly-committed students who wish to study abroad. Through the establishment of the Calsonic Kansei Scholarship for the Future, Calsonic Kansei will support the development of talent from Saitama Prefecture, contributing to future innovation and Monozukuri through the two courses given below.

Calsonic Kansei will continue to expand its activities so as to contribute towards building an even better society.

Overview of the Calsonic Kansei Scholarship for the Future

This scholarship supports people who are highly committed and are willing to take on challenges that help to create a sustainable society and invigorate the industry in Saitama Prefecture through world-leading technological innovation and Monozukuri. (1) Degree Course

Target group: Students who aim to obtain undergraduate or graduate degrees at overseas STEM universities and graduate schools Scholarship amount: 1.35 million yen each year (for a maximum of four years) Number of scholarship recipient: 1 (2) STEM Fields Course

Target group: Undergraduate students in STEM fields undertaking foreign exchange programs for one month or more, such as overseas studies and internships Scholarship amount: 550,000 yen Number of scholarship recipient: 1

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