Combining beauty and function.

We use real woods, decorative films and high-gloss paints; high-touch zones are reinforced with durable materials.

Calsonic Kansei About

Cockpit Module

Fan & Shroud
Design Features

Small gap tolerance experience. Bright and brushed chroming on large surfaces. Real wood and in mold filming. Molded in color. Grained powder slush thermoplastic urethanes. Innovative materials development.

Material & Process Features

Soft touch surfaces use materials such as thermoplastic olifens, poly vinyl chlorides, and thermoplastic urethanes. Each are produced using powder slush molding, injection molding or male vacuum forming. Surfacing capabilities include high gloss finishes, real woods and patterned accents.


Finite Element Analysis, Capability to optimize design and material selection through specialized testing equipment. In house six axis degrees of freedom shaker capability. Airbag deployment facilities. Annual benchmarking.