Engine Cooling

Providing high performance in a compact design.

Engine cooling components undergo rigorous testing to ensure that engine temperature levels are maintained for an efficient and safe operation.

Calsonic Kansei About


Fan & Shroud
Design Features

Depending on the vehicle packaging requirements, down-flow or cross flow designs are available. The brazed aluminum construction provides advantages in both performance and mass. The radiators’ in-tank concentric and laminated plate coolers are optional for automatic transmission and/or engine oil cooling applications which are available for small cars to light duty trucks. Calsonic offers a variety of tube and fin selections available depending on performance level required.

Material & Process Features

Our radiators are made using in-house injection molding of nylon plastic tanks with die repair shop and engineering onsite. Another process we use is in-house stamping of most stamped metallic components. Zinc-bearing fin, tube and header plate alloys are used for external and internal corrosion protection. *Nocolok™ brazing process used for core. Nocolok™ is a patented brazing process of Alcan.


12mm, 16mm, 27mm, 35mm, and 42mm core depths available


Like all of our products, the radiator goes through top of the line testing including: in-house performance simulation capability by KULI analysis, FEA capability to optimize product from the earliest stages of development. We have complete in-house prototype capabilities and fully capable in-house laboratories to validate all aspects of performance and durability, including a full scale vehicle wind tunnel. Annual competitive benchmarking ensures Calsonic Kansei remains a leader of industry trends.


  • Multiple fin pinch options available to fine tune performance based on customer requirements.
  • Optimized fine-pitch louvered fin and extruded tube designs provide low pressure drop with high heat transfer performance.
  • Thin gage, high strength, aluminum materials used throughout for contributing to lightweight and high-performance products.
  • Variety of mounting features are used to meet customer packaging requirements.