Engine Cooling

Providing high performance in a compact design.

Engine cooling components undergo rigorous testing to ensure that engine temperature levels are maintained for an efficient and safe operation.

Calsonic Kansei About

Auxiliary Oil Cooler

Fan & Shroud
Design Features

Available options include conventional Air-to-Oil and Water-to-Oil designs, with in-tank and direct mount engine/transmission designs. Air-to-Oil coolers feature a high efficiency louvered fin design and extruded tubing. Direct-mount coolers feature rigid base plates with captured o-ring to prevent leakage. In-tank coolers interface directly with Calsonic radiator tanks and are available in concentric design for low power applications and laminated plate design for higher power applications. A variety of cooler designs allows for flexibility in application and vehicle packaging. We have long-standing relationships with partner suppliers that can supply thermostatic valves.

Material & Process Features

Our auxiliary oil cooler uses brazed all-aluminum construction which yields a part that is lightweight but extremely durable. Zinc cladding is used to improve corrosion resistance of parts.
*Nocolok™ brazing process used for core. Nocolok™ is a patented brazing process of Alcan.


Size is dependent on customer application. The common off-the-shelf sizes range from small car to light duty truck.


We have complete in-house prototype capabilities. Other in-house testing includes FEA capability to optimize product from the earliest stages of development and cully capable laboratories to validate all aspects of performance and durability. Annual competitive benchmarking ensures Calsonic Kansei remains a leader of industry trends.


  • Improved cooling of engine and transmission oil leading to longer vehicle life
  • Possibility to warm oil with engine coolant resulting in increased fuel efficiency
  • Wide range of styles available depending on application and environment