Engine Cooling

Providing high performance in a compact design.

Engine cooling components undergo rigorous testing to ensure that engine temperature levels are maintained for an efficient and safe operation.

Calsonic Kansei About

Coolant Reserve Tank

Fan & Shroud
Design Features

Calsonic Kansei specializes in both Pressurized and Non-pressurized reservoir tanks. The coolant reserve tank has direct flow and bypass types provided based on vehicle requirements. Along with integrated coolant level sensors, a variety of unique mounting options are available, including fastener-less designs.

Material & Process Features

Tanks are made of Polypropylene with glass fill based on type and application. Another process is in-house molding and seam welding capability with die repair shop and engineering onsite.


Various sizes depending on vehicle platform, can adapt basic designs for all applications.


We have complete in-house prototype capabilities. Other in-house testing includes FEA capability to optimize product from the earliest stages of development and cully capable laboratories to validate all aspects of performance and durability. Annual competitive benchmarking ensures Calsonic Kansei remains a leader of industry trends.


  • Calsonic Kansei can provide a complete reserve tank solution including hoses and cap
  • Provides reliable de-aeration of engine coolant and fast coolant fill
  • Easy-to-read coolant level markings help end user identify proper coolant level for maintenance