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Occupant Detection System

Fan & Shroud
Design Features

Two and four sensor strain gage systems designed to fit customer’s needs and are integrated into the seat frame design. The system is designed to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety System 208 (FMVSS208) requirements. The sensor placement is optimized to provide low tolerance yet maximize separation.

Material & Process Features

The Strain Gage ODS System is designed to maximize passenger safety. The ODS system determines the weight of the front passenger occupant and determines multiple occupant classifications. Judgment of whether or not to fire the airbags come from threshold parameters set in the ODS ECU. Advanced algorithms are used to prevent vehicle vibrations from disrupting occupant judgment.


Sensors SG10 are 12mm in height, and weigh 105g, for the 2- and 4- sensor system. SG19 are 19mm in height, and weigh 160g, 4-sensor system. The harness average mass is 100g. ECU: 60g.


We provide in-house testing for performance and parameter setting.


2-sensor system provides cost and weight reduction while still providing same performance as 4 sensor designs. Low profile sensors beneficial for low Hip-point seats.