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Calsonic Kansei About


Fan & Shroud
Design Features

The condenser is made with brazed aluminum construction utilizing high-efficiency serpentine louvered air fins and thin wall micro-extruded or fabricated tubing. Its new 12mm thickness core with a 30mm diagram integrated liquid tank and sub-cooling region provides high performance with significant mass reduction. The reduction in pressure drop of the condenser allows for reduced refrigerant charge and savings to the customer. A seal-less construction of liquid tank reduces possible leak paths and the refrigerant pressure sensor is available on outlet port based on customer requirements.

Material & Process Features

CK’s condensers use a lightweight aluminum construction for high durability with low mass. We use in-house stamping of most metallic components and for enhanced external corrosion protection, we use zinc coated fins and tubes. We also offer optional epoxy powder paint coating available for cosmetic purposes, but materials are always recyclable at the end of the vehicle’s life.
*Nocolok™ brazing process used for core. Nocolok™ is a patented brazing process of Alcan.


12mm and 16mm core depths available and core height up to 700 mm available


The condenser undergoes in-house FEA capability to optimize product from the earliest stages of development. We have complete in-house prototype capabilities and fully capable in-house laboratories to validate all aspects of performance and durability, including a full scale vehicle wind tunnel. Annual competitive benchmarking ensures Calsonic Kansei remains a leader of industry trends.


  • High performance Calsonic Kansei condensers help reduce vent temperatures and lead to greater occupant comfort and reduced compressor load
  • Multiple fin pitch options available to fine tune performance based on customer requirements
  • Optimized fine-pitch louvered fin and extruded tube designs provides low pressure drop with high heat transfer performance
  • Molded or brazed extrusions allow for a variety of unique mounting options