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Fan & Shroud
Design Features

  • Variable Displacement Compressor – our family of five variable displacement compressors are based on Calsonic Kansei proprietary technology known as single-sided wobble, continuous variable displacement. The operation of the compressor can be adjusted continuously according to the cooling power required. There are two control methods, internal control and external control. With the internal control technique, a built-in control valve detects the pressure changes of the intake coolants and controls them. With the external control technique, the control valve is activated by electrical signals sent from an external microcomputer. The external control technique enables optimized control of output pulses, and therefore enables significant improvements in fuel efficiency and drivability.
  • Rotary Compressor - Our family of three rotary compressors are simple, small, lightweight and easy to attach. Also, they have few components and provide excellent cost performance. Our compressors have ten output pulses per shaft rotation, providing an exceptionally smooth flow of coolant. These compressors have almost no vibration and generate very little noise.

Material & Process Features

Under technical partnership with the then GM Harrison, the first company in the world that mass-produced compressors with single-sided wobble continuous variable displacement, Calsonic Kansei launched production in Japan in 1988. Since that time, we have provided an extensive product lineup ranging from compressors for compact vehicles to those for large vehicles using our proprietary variable displacement technologies. We mass produce variable displacement compressors with an external control system that offers significant improvement in fuel efficiency and these units are highly respected in the market. Rotary compressors which are smaller, lighter and offer superior cost performance, are used for a range of purposes and also have the advantage of our extensive experience and original technologies.