Finding Solutions Together

What’s important to you is important to us — cost, quality, performance, delivery and environmental impact.

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Finding Solutions Together

Quality: Yes, we're TS certified, but our commitment to quality goes far beyond that. It includes continuous quality improvement, total preventive maintenance, and comprehensive employee training. And we back our quality with some of the most extensive warranties in the business.

"All of our team members are trained to use V-Up tools in our daily work. V-up is a process that consists of problem solving skills and allows us to promote continuous improvement in our company."  -Brian Allen, Vice President Quality


Delivery: Because of our global presence, efficient production, and advanced logistics, our customers count on us for just in time delivery that meets their specific production schedules around the world.                                                     

"Our logistics operation at Calsonic Kansei is strategic. The locations of our plants are tactical points. We have convenient access to the ports and borders so that we can ship materials out in no more than nine hours to anywhere in the US or Mexico." -Eduardo Galvez, Logistics Manager


Cost: There's a spirit in our company and we call it the CK Way. It drives us to constantly improve production to eliminate waste. Our emphasis is on efficiency. Reducing cost without reducing quality. This not only makes us a better supplier but it also makes our customers more competitive.

"One of the ways that we manage our cost reduction activities is using Monozukuri total cost reduction. This puts us in position to take a look on a daily basis at what our costs are and how we can improve them using a systematic approach." - Nancy Rice, Director of Cost Management


Performance: Our products and modules are designed, built, and thoroughly tested to customer specifications. Our state of the art research and testing facility in Detroit ensures our engine cooling, climate control, and exhaust systems deliver optimal performance. And that leads to greater product value, longer warranty cycles and lower maintenance and repair costs.

"At our development and engineering center in Detroit, we have an excellent team of engineers, designers, and technicians who are committed to designing the finest products for Calsonic Kansei. We design our products following our CK Way behaviors using our wide experience to develop products that meet our customers' goals and expectations, meet their cost expectations, and provide warranty and performance criteria." -Steve Burnette


Environment:  Environmental Responsibility - It's about more than recycling and proper disposal. As we design products, we carefully spec materials to minimize environmental impact.

"Being environmentally responsible contributes to quality in that we strive to make good quality parts which reduce landfill disposal as well as purchasing of raw material. We do have a recycling program in that our goal is to recycle everything from our process." Kevin-Reinhart