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Calsonic Kansei About

Koji Takei

Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, PE, NPL for Calsonic Kansei North America, and Regional MTCR Leader

Koji Takei is responsible for Manufacturing, Production Engineering, New Product Launch in the US, and s also the regional MTCR leader. He is a member of the Executive Management Committee of the Americas. Takei newly joined Calsonic Kansei in 2015.  Previously he spent thirty-four years in Nissan Motor Corporation mainly in the manufacturing field including Nissan Motor in the United Kingdom, Nissan Motor Manufacturing Corp. in Tennessee, Renault Nissan Automotive in India. Takei‚Äôs main roles during these assignments were to drive and implement Nissan Production Way and New Model & Manufacturing Cost Reduction Promotions. In addition to manufacturing, he was a key leader for V-up Promotion in Nissan headquarters in Japan.

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