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Calsonic Kansei

Testing & Development

Vision: The Virtual Validation Group (VVG) at CKNA is part of the global Virtual Product Development (VPD) organization which committed to using state-of-the-art simulation to ensure the delivery of high performance and safety of all products of customer vehicles. Analysis is undertaken throughout every phase of a new program, to ensuring “First-Time-Capable” designs which minimize product development cycle time and costs.

CAE Capabilities:

  • Structural analysis: Safety Performance, Vibration Performance, Strength and Rigidity Performance, Design Optimization, Multi Body Dynamics, Structural Heat and Thermal Stress, Benchmark and Correlation Studies.
  • Fluid and Thermal Analysis: Temperature Control and dispersion performance, airflow performance, pressure drop and heat rejection performance, multiphase simulation, motor fan noise analysis, benchmark and correlation studies
  • Product Design Simulation: Window reflection, assembly verification, appearance quality, DMDR (Assembly interface check), Normal Visibility, Vent Wind Interference
  • Material Management: Plastic materials, metal materials, fluid properties
  • Multi-Objective Optimization Analysis: Design of Experiment (DOE) and Design Optimization
  • Electronics Simulation: Modal-Based Application Development, Rollover Simulation, Control System Design, Brightness Distribution, Prediction of Electromagnetic Noise Level
  • Dimensional Management: Fit and Finished and Interference Analysis, Travel and Efforts Analysis, Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis
  • Manufacturing Process: Plastics Mold Flow Simulation, Metals Stamping, forming and Coning, …etc., Assembly Procedure Evaluation
  • FEA Modeling Pre/Post Processing: Hypermesh, Hyperview and Hypergraph, Abaqus CAE, LS-Prepost
  • FEA Solver Analysis: LS-Dyna 3D, Radioss, Abaqus, nCode Fatigue
  • NVH Analysi: Radioss, LMS Sysnoise, GT-SUITE
  • CFD Analysis: Star-CCM+, KULI, GT-SUITE, AMESim
  • Manufacturing Process: Moldex3D (Plastics) and HyperForm (Metals)
  • Optimization Analysis uses OptiStruct
  • Multi-Body Dynamics Analysis: MSC ADAMS and MotionSolve
  • Electronics Analysis: Light Tools, Matlab, Apsim SPE
  • Dimensional Management Analysis: VIS Mock Up, VSA Customized Macros, Excel Templates
  • Product Design Simulation: NX (UG and Ideas) and SpaceVision
  • Material Management: M-Base and Internal Material Database Library
  • Multi-Objective Optimization Analysis
  • HyperStudy, VPD working parallel with DE throughout every phase of new program, Concurrent Engineering.
  • Support all CKNA development engineering
  • State-of-the-Art and First-Time-Capable VPD organization
  • Global VPD organization with common process
  • Correlation Studies are enforced throughout all VPD process