We recycle and design with green in mind.

We strive to make our products and plants earth-friendly with the ultimate goal of recycling all of our product waste.

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Calsonic Kansei


Environmental Responsibility - It's about more than recycling and proper disposal. As we design products, we carefully spec materials to minimize environmental impact.

"Being environmentally responsible contributes to quality in that we strive to make good quality parts which reduce landfill disposal as well as purchasing of raw material. We do have a recycling program in that our goal is to recycle everything from our process." Kevin-Reinhart

Our team strives to make a difference within their communities. A “Certificate of Appreciation” was given to CKNA-Lewisburg last night in recognition of their Community Outreach activities. The community outreach activities reference to the November 2010 and April 2011 beautification activity and roadside cleaning activity. Shortly after November 2010 Roadside Cleanup activity, CKNA-Lewisburg started preparing for the next Roadside Cleanup and Beautification activity. This is when we started talking to our Industrial neighbors located in the Lewisburg Industrial Park. At the beginning we had about a half dozen companies to join and partner with CKNA’s effort to help clean up the Industrial Park. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, a few had to back out. Cosmolab and Southern Carton were committed to partnering with us and we were nearly able to clean all roadways in the industrial park, but rain came through in the later part of the morning. The combined total that all 3 companies picked up and collected was 1,140 pounds of trash. The items picked up and collected did not go to the landfill. In fact, they went to the Marshall County Recycling center where they were sorted and recycled.

We try to push the Green Thinking by forming teams at our locations. Groups of men and women wear uniform shirts with phrases such as “Green Team” and “Project Zero (for zero landfill).” These t-shirts not only symbolize our dedication to sustainability, but also help to form a sense of unity amongst our team members.