Calsonic Kansei

CSR Policy

CSR Policy

Calsonic Kansei's "CSR Policy" describes its CSR policy and responsibilities with a view to realizing its "Corporate Vision".

Based on this policy, each employee contributes society's sustainable growth by conducting their daily operations with the awareness to social responsibilities and with well-set business management based on environmental aspect, society aspect, and economy aspect.

Responsibilities to customers
We aim to be the most trusted company by the customers by responding to the diversified needs & expectations of the society and providing high-quality products & services that satisfy the customers.

Responsibilities to suppliers
We will collaborate with the suppliers, which provides us components & services, as equal partners and aim to realize mutual improvement and sustainable growth through fair & ethical business operations.

Responsibilities to employees
We respect the diversity and value of each employee and provide the opportunities to develop their talents that contribute to the company and the society, as well as securing healthy & safe workplace environment. With these approaches, we will create the company which the each employee can spend rich life full of dream, passion, and pride.
‐Responsibilities to employees' health & safety
Based on the principle "Securing the employees' health & safety is the first priority", we will be the leading company in the automotive industry to realize the healthy & safe workplace with all employees' participation in the improvement activities.

Responsibilities to shareholders and investors
We aim to improve our profitability by continuously developing the competitive products, and at the same time, we aim to enhance the company's corporate value by conducting fair business trade and with proactive information disclosure in order to return the generated benefits to our shareholders and investors.

Responsibilities to society
     We will contribute to the automotive society through our products by focusing on the three key technologies; Environment, Safety and Comfort.
      Environment;   Technologies for developing environmental-friendly vehicles

      Safety; Technologies for creating automotive society without car accidents

     Comfort;  Technologies for developing vehicles which drivers can drive with comfort

     By each employee always being aware of the importance of nature and putting effort into maintaining environment with intellectual        innovation gained through technology integration, we contribute to create rich society.

‐Participation to social activities and social Contributions
     We will contribute to the society's sustainable growth as good corporate citizens by proactively participating in the social activities of local society through our business activities.