Code of Conduct

A moral framework for our organization.

Calsonic Kansei About

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct reflects our values and is an outward expression of those things we believe.  Each section tells how we are to live out our beliefs.  These beliefs are foundational to our identity and to CalsonicKansei’s commitment to be a company where each of its team members can be proud to work.

Our Values:

1. Comply with all laws, regulations and corporate internal rules

I’m a good citizen, so I obey laws and regulations.

2. To avoid conflicts of interest

I’m ethical, so I avoid conflicts of interest.

3. To preserve company assets and funds

I’m honest, so I do not steal or misuse company assets.

4. To be impartial and fair

I’m impartial and fair, so I’ll give others an equal chance.

5. To be transparent and accountable

I’m truthful, so I will not misrepresent the truth to fellow co-workers and customers.

6. To value diversity and provide equal opportunity

I value my co-workers and understand that our diversity makes us stronger.

7. To be environmentally responsible

I’m a good steward, so I do not squander my resources, but look for ways to conserve and renew environmental resources.

8. To ensure safety

I’m compassionate, so I strive to consciously promote safety.

9. To be active and report violations

I’m grateful to be part of this great corporate family, so I’ll do my part to actively and proactively keep this family safe and secure.