Calsonic Kansei

CalsonicKansei North America, Inc. is strongly committed to promoting integrity, ethical behavior and corporate responsibility, consistent with our values, and to preventing and detecting any misconduct or non-compliance with law, regulation, or internal policy. Here at CKNA we believe that by fostering and sustaining a strong ethical corporate culture we have a greater opportunity to outperform our competitors and exceed our customers’ expectations.

It is CKNA’s policy to comply with laws and regulations, including antitrust, competition, bribery, and corruption laws and regulations in both the U.S. and other countries and regions.  We have created the CKNA Code of Conduct, Antitrust Policy and Anti-Bribery Policy to provide clear guidance to CKNA employees and to ensure consistent, transparent, and ethical business operations. Our employees are encouraged to seek out guidance when appropriate through confidential reporting lines, and are educated and encouraged in the application of compliance and ethics policies through our best training efforts. We support the development and implementation of practices that facilitate and encourage employees’ compliance, with a focus on efficiency, consistency and continuous improvement.  We seek to set a high standard and lead by example.

The Company and I are personally committed to conducting CKNA’s business with the highest level of integrity, including treating colleagues, customers, vendors and others with honesty and respect and by always following our internal policies and the law.

Mike Layne, Compliance Officer

Compliance Contact Information
Good faith communications are dealt with confidentially and will never result in retaliation.

Mike Layne, Compliance Officer
+1 931 680-4490

Tanya Snoddy, Manager, Compliance and Regional Internal Audit
+1 931 680-6469

Raymundo Sosa V., Manager, EHS & Compliance
+52 449 910 1600 Ext. 55790

Compliance and Ethics Helpline
+1 855 224 4259