Co-op Comments

Here is what a current Co-op Student, Kien Tran, had to say about his experience with the Calsonic Co-op Program:

1. What are the two words that describe your CKNA co-op experience?

Enriching Experiences

2. What type of projects have you worked on during your co-op experience?

Tool design, each day my assignments are to follow and assist any activities that the Engineering staff need assisting on. Some days I am asked to draw or come up with a new design. One example of this is a "piece of tooling/ fixture" to improve their line. Also, my supervisor let me be involved in a VSM " VALUE STREAM MAPPING " activity which is part of the Kaizen process. The purpose of Kaizen is continuous improvement on the current condition. We get to come up with ways to make our plant / products better and run smoother. These are some of the many activities that I experienced as a co op student here at Calsonic Kansei !

3. What is your number one goal for your co-op experience?

To gain as much technical knowledge as possible, and to be well prepared for my job after graduation. So far, the learning experiences that I gained from my time here at Calsonic are extremely beneficial to myself. Items such as theories and pictures from the text book at school are being applied and physically turning into daily operation here at Calsonic !

4. What attracted you to the CKNA co-op program?

Being able to gain knowledge through hands on experiences and especially at CKNA' s hightech / tempo automotive industry !