Creating an organization in which employees can participate actively

Promotion of Diversity

Basic Stance

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Employees with a range of diverse values create new innovations through healthy conflict, which leads to the growth of the company and the individuals. The Calsonic Kansei Group considers the promotion of diversity to be one of the most important management strategies of the entire Group.

Diversity Management

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Calsonic Kansei and its Group companies in Japan have been carrying out diversity promotion activities since 2011. These activities are led by the Diversity Promotion Team, “,” whose members are appointed by individual divisions.
In addition to raising awareness through activities such as workplace study groups and lectures, suggests measures and systems that support diverse working styles through opinion exchange meetings, advanced company benchmarking, etc.

Active Participation of Women

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Calsonic Kansei aims to create workplaces and ways of working that make it possible to maximize the capabilities of women at various life stages, such as childbirth and childcare. Accordingly, we listen to our employees’ voices through employee opinion surveys and through the Working Style Improvement Committee and Diversity Promotion Team, incorporating the results of such activities into various measures.
Furthermore, we have set the goal of at least doubling the number of female managers from the current level (15 as of March 31, 2016) by the end of March 2021. This is part of the General Employer Action Plan that we were required to create according to the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. Toward this goal, we are proceeding to implement various measures in collaboration with the HR Group and other related divisions, in addition to continued efforts to change the consciousness of people inside the company.

Active Participation of Foreign Employees

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The Calsonic Kansei Group hires talented people regardless of their gender or nationality. Of the new graduates hired by CKJ in 2016, 10 are foreign nationals. As of April 1, 2016, the overall number of foreign-national employees at CKJ was 75 (including contracted employees and employees on temporary assignment from overseas locations). We are also actively promoting the engagement of local employees in each region, with 34.9% of the officers at our local subsidiaries hired locally.

Active Participation of People with Disabilities

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As well as actively hiring people with disabilities, Calsonic Kansei is taking steps to promote better understanding through human rights seminars to create a workplace that is friendly to employees with disabilities. Besides promoting employment of women and foreign nationals, we are currently actively expanding both the employment of people with disabilities and the types of jobs open to them. As of March 31, 2017, employees with disabilities accounted for 1.93% of our workforce.

Improving Company Infrastructure

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In February 2017, work was completed to convert the security doors between the common-use areas and office areas on each floor of the headquarters building from manual to automatic. This was done to improve accessibility, in response to feedback from wheelchair-bound employees who found it difficult to pass through the manual door.
In addition to improving accessibility, this change has also made it more convenient for other employees when they need to carry large objects around inside the company.
In October 2016, in response to requests from employees, one of the conference rooms in the headquarters building was made into a prayer room. Rules for operating this room have been established so that its use is not confined to any one particular religion.

Re-hiring of Retired Employees

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Japan is facing an unprecedented decline in its birthrate and the aging of its population. To combat this, Calsonic Kansei and its Group companies in Japan consider measures to re-hire retired employees who are skilled workers to be an important factor of human resource utilization. This is in addition to measures to support employees in their prime working years in areas such as childbirth, childcare, and nursing care support. Specifically, we re-hire all employees who have reached the retirement age of 60 but who wish to continue working, making it possible for them to remain at the company until the age of 65.

Equal Employment Opportunities by Hiring People with Disabilities

Chalavalai Wutthikornkriengkrai
Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Organization Promotion Division Vice President

Chalavalai Wutthikornkriengkrai

Harsh employment situation for people with disabilities*

In Thailand, the Disabled Persons Promotion and Development Life Quality Act came into force on September 18, 2007, resulting in the further promotion of employment of people with disabilities. There are an estimated 1.74 million people with disabilities in Thailand, about half of whom have a physical disability, followed by the hearing impaired and sight impaired. Approximately 250,000 people with disabilities are in the workforce, about 85% of whom work as informal workers or are self-employed in agriculture and other areas. In contrast, only 6.3% work for private-sector companies, and government agencies hire only about 1.5% of people with disabilities.

* Employment of People with Disabilities in Thailand from the Japanese Embassy in Thailand website

Providing equal employment opportunities and an environ-ment for making the most of one’s abilities

Calsonic Kansei Thailand (CKT) embraces diversity, and as part of this, actively hires people with disabilities. There are currently 15 people with disabilities working at CKT, with equal rights and opportunities to other employees. They are assigned to different functions in all of our plants. To provide an environment in which they can keep working for a long time, we conduct training of supervisors and other initiatives to determine how best to support them. In June 2016, the National Commission for Promotion and Development of Disabled Persons Life Quality visited CKT to observe how our employees with disabilities were faring. CKT will continue to promote diversity going forward, and will strive to ensure that all of its employees can work with vitality and enthusiasm.