Elementary School Students in Saitama Enjoy monozukuri at Calsonic Kansei: Calsonic Kansei Supports Saitama Prefecture's Reach for Your Dreams! Youth Career Exploration Program

On August 2nd, Calsonic Kansei Corporation held a workshop at our headquarters with the theme of "Let's enjoy monozukuri (craftsmanship) design!" The event was attended by twenty-six students from the fourth through sixth grades and their parents.

This workshop was part of the Reach for Your Dreams! Youth Career Exploration Program hosted by Saitama Prefecture. Calsonic Kansei started supporting the project this fiscal year.

Thirteen staff members from Calsonic Kansei Corporation and our subsidiary company, CK Engineering, served as instructors. The students learned how to use the latest 3D CAD software to design key rings with their own initials, and then actually created these key rings using a 3D printer. They also designed cars for themselves. From their exclamations of "This is so interesting!" and "Wow!," it was obvious that the students enjoyed the monozukuri experience.

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Event Outline: Workshop called "Let's enjoy monozukuri design!"

          (part of theReach for Your Dreams! Youth Career Exploration Program)

Participants: Twenty-six Saitama Prefecture elementary students from grades four to

          six and their parents

Place: Calsonic Kansei Corporation R&D Center (Headquarters)

Details: 1. Students learned how to use CAD software (designing initial keychains and cars).

      2. Students observed how 3D printers work.

      3. Students took a tour of the building and visited the product exhibition room.

  • Reach for Your Dreams! Youth Career Exploration Program

This project has been hosted by Saitama Seishonenka Kodomo Mirai Shien Group, Seishonen Ikusei Saitama Kenmin Kaigi since fiscal 2009. Workshops for this project have been held every year in the aim of helping elementary school children find and realize their dreams. The project's guest instructors are people with ties to Saitama who are successful professionals in areas such as sports, culture, entertainment, science, and monozukuri.

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