Environmentally-Conscious Monozukuri

Pursuing “Green” policies and creating new value

Basic Stance

We aim to help create a better tomorrow for the automobile society by capitalizing on the advanced technologies and know-how we have accumulated over many years.
The Calsonic Kansei Group strives to solve social issues on a global scale through its business activities and is constantly creating new value.

Strategic Monozukuri in Pursuit of a Sustainable Automobile Society

We believe the greatest contribution we can make to solving social issues through our business activities is by creating eco-friendly products. Therefore, the Calsonic Kansei Group has identified four new value creation areas and 12 environmental technology areas in which it is taking strategic initiatives toward achieving sustainable mobility.

Strategic Priority on 4 Value Areas

Strategic priority on 4 Value Areas and 12 Technology Areas

Industry-Leading Mid-Term Management Plan with a “Green” Focus

In our six-year Mid-Term Management Plan, CK GX4 T10, which covered fiscal years 2011 to 2016, we declared “Green” as one of the keys to our growth strategy, and aimed to create at least ten types of next-generation environmental technologies or products that would lead the world. By the end of Fiscal 2016, we had commercialized ten such products, thus achieving our target.
For example, we improved operating fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions with our High-Performance Built-in Oil Cooler/Warmers, and with our Brushless Motor for Motor Fans, we contributed to energy conservation by optimizing cooling performance through effective control of revolutions. Going forward, we will continue our endeavors to create world-leading products.


State of Implementation of the “Green” elements of the Mid-Term Management Plan


EGR Cooler
Injection Molding Skin for Instrument Panel
Soft-Feel, Hard-Installment Panel


Brushless Motor for Motor Fans
Water-Based Painting for Instrument Panel
CR Compressor
Blower Motor for Battery Cooling


High-Performance Built-in Oil Cooler/Warmer
Vacuum-Formed Stitched Skin for Instrument Panel
3D-Sewn Skin for Instrument Panel


Development of Eco-Friendly Products

Between Fiscal 2011 and Fiscal 2016, we introduced ten products into the market. Furthermore, to effectively communicate the CO2 emissions reduction effects of our eco-friendly products both internally and externally, we took steps to visualize our environmental performance. Through these steps, we aim to develop and popularize even better eco-friendly products.

Eco-Friendly Product Highlights

The Built-In Oil Cooler/Warmer is a product that not only cools transmission oil, but also contributes to improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. It achieves this by quickly warming the transmission oil to the appropriate temperature during engine start-up to reduce friction loss. In recent years, to improve engine room layout, we have also added a product lineup that maintains the same level of performance at half the height of previous models. This has also resulted in reduced use of resources.
For the first time in the world, we have manufactured a skin for instrument panels using a general-purpose injection-molding machine that simultaneously achieves low cost and a low environmental impact, while maintaining the same level of luxurious feel as the conventional skin made using the powder slush molding method for luxury cars.
This new skin was developed jointly with Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. With this significant modification of the skin manufacturing method (i.e., improvement of thermal efficiency), this product has successfully reduced the cycle time by 82% and CO2 emissions by 47% compared to the previous method.

High-Performance Thin Built-In 0il Cooler/Warmer
Performance Size (height) halved
Equal to previous product 35mm
(Compared to previous models)
Injection-Molded Skin Instrument Panel
Reduction in cycle time Reduction in CO2 emissions
82% 47%
(Compared to previous models)

Innovations for Better Energy Efficiency

Eco-Friendly Products Widely Used in the Market

Examples of Existing Eco-Friendly Products

With the increasing interest in environmental issues and continued tightening of exhaust regulations in countries and regions around the world, the functions required of exhaust systems are becoming more advanced, calling for a high standard of development technology capabilities.
Calsonic Kansei develops and manufactures optimal products to live up to the high level of functions required of it as a supplier of exhaust systems.

Main Features of Our Exhaust Systems

Exhaust Manifold

Lightweight, compact, and low heat capacity achieved using SUS materials, contributing to prompt catalyst activation.

Manifold Converter

Available either integrated with the exhaust manifold or as a separate device. The integrated unit particularly contributes to weight reduction and low heat capacity due to the exclusion of the flange for tightening.

Catalytic Converter (Underfloor)

Set in an optimal position while ensuring the required catalytic capacity. Manufacturing time has been significantly reduced through the elimination of the heat shield for the spinning converter and a reduction in the number of parts.

Vibration Absorber

Noise and vibration performance and exhaust system durability have been improved through the isolation of the exhaust system. Two types of vibration absorber (flexible tube and spherical joint) are available depending on the optimal part for the vehicle layout.

Example of Exhaust System

Example of exhaust system