Social Contribution Activities

For a Better Society

Basic Stance

GlobalGlobal Policy

From the perspective of building a sustainable society, it is incumbent on companies to build mutually beneficial relationships with the various communities with which they come into contact through their business activities. The Calsonic Kansei Group has long been focused on participating in and developing communities as a good corporate citizen. When planning and implementing social contribution activities, we always consider how we can best leverage the Group’s unique characteristics and knowledge and contribute to the development of local communities and industries.

Activities Expenditure

CKCK Activity

From Since Fiscal 2015, Calsonic Kansei and its Group companies in Japan began a policy of have calculating calculated their expenditure on social contribution activities by separately for the individual fields, as defined cited by the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) One-Percent Clubas examples of areas that should be addressed. Expenditure for FY2016 is anticipated to be around \10 million, with the breakdown expected to be virtually the same as the previous fiscal year.

Social Contribution Activities Expenditure

Social welfare and social inclusion ¥200,000 1.8%
Health and Medicine, Sports ¥550,000 5.1%
Education, including social education ¥5,234,000 48.5%
Culture and the arts ¥230,000 2.1%
Local Activities ¥210,000 1.9%
International exchange and cooperation ¥150,000 1.4%
Aid to Disaster-Stricken Areas ¥3,104,902 28.7%
Environment ¥10,000 0.1%
Other ¥1,122,000 10.4%

Four Areas of Our Social Contribution Activities

GlobalGlobal Policy

Calsonic Kansei is expanding its social contribution activities so that it may contribute to the development of a better society. In Fiscal 2016, we assessed the future directions of our activities, and decided to strengthen and expand our social contribution activities on a global scale, with a focus on the following four areas.

Supporting the next generation

Supporting the Next Generation

JapanJapan Activity

Through the internal volunteer-run Team SKETT, Calsonic Kansei and its Group companies in Japan conduct a wide range of activities for to supporting children who will lead the future going forward.


Developing Future Engineers

We provide elementary school students good opportunities to experience vehicle technology and manufacturing with our hope that they become familiar with vehicles and Monozukuri.
We consider this activity as an opportunity for employee development, since they are able to learn the principles and fundamentals of the technologies they communicate to the children, at the same time, children are able to gain an interest in Monozukuri

Participation in Kids Engineer

Team SKETT has participated in Kids Engineer, a hands-on exhibition for elementary schoolchildren organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc., since the inaugural event in 2008.
In Fiscal 2016, Team SKETT participated in Kids Engineer 2016, held in Yokohama in August, and in Mini Kids Engineer in Tohoku, held in the Tohoku region in November.
More than 4,000 participants learned about the enjoyment of Monozukuri at these events.

Number of Participants Attending Kids Engineer (2016)

More than 4,000
participants attended

Traveling Classrooms for Elementary Schools and Craft Workshops

Since 2012, Calsonic Kansei has been delivering which was launched in 2012, provides special science lessons for elementary schools.
In Fiscal 2016, it conveyed the fun of science to more than 800 students at more than 16 elementary schools.
We also hold craft workshops at local children’s halls and community centers to give children the opportunity to experience first hand the fun of making things.


Traveled to
more than

elementary schools

More than 800
school students participated

CKCK Activity

Support for the Highschool International Conference Committee

Calsonic Kansei also supports the Highschool International Conference Executive Committee, an NGO run by high school students based mainly in the Kanto region, as part of our efforts to support children that who will lead the future.
Approximately 25 high school students participated voluntarily at in the 7th Highschool International Conference, held in December July 2016 on the theme of “The World We See,” and approximately 50 students participated in the 8th Conference, held in March 2017 on the theme of “International Cooperation.” The participants listened to the stories of a number of guests studying in countries abroad, after which they each chose a country they wanted to study in and developed an activity plan for that country. The participants deepened their knowledge by listening to lectures given by experts and to the stories of university students about their own experiences, and held discussions among themselves about future challenges and what actions they themselves could take.
We will continue supporting this committee in the hope that it will lead to the further enhancement and expansion of activities and to the development of global human resources capable of leading the future.

Eighth Highschool International Conference

Support for the Student Formula Japan Competition

Calsonic Kansei is involved participates in the running of and supports Student Formula Japan (SFJ), a competition held since 2003 under the sponsorship of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE), providing steering committee members and operational staff. The competition is an opportunity for students to develop skills related to manufacturing, which in turn contributes to the development of the Japanese automotive industry. It serves as a public-interest activity for self-motivated students to cultivate various skills involved with manufacturing, and as training for those who will one day play critical roles in the future of the automotive industry We also interact with students by exhibiting our products at the SFJ venue and support the nurturing of the engineers of the future. The students are the stars of this event, pitting their Monozukuri skills against each other with vehicles they have conceived, designed and built themselves. The main objective of SFJ is to nurture professional individuals who will contribute to the development and promotion of automotive technology and industry, with the support of industry, academia, and government.


Installing Groundwater Membrane Filtration System

CKCK Activity

In October 2015, a groundwater membrane filtration system was installed at the R&D Center and Headquarters. The system draws up groundwater and subjects it to sophisticated filtering treatment to create safe potable water. Without impacting the water flowing beneath the surface of the earth, this enables a dual supply of water from the public water supply and the groundwater.
In times of disaster when the public water supply cannot be usedis unavailable, the system also provides a “water lifeline” of drinking water. We also plan to make the drinking water available to people neighboring residents in the neighborhood during any region-wide water outages.

Groundwater membrane filtration system installed at R&D Center and Headquarters

Environmental Communication

JapanJapan Activity

In November 2015 Calsonic Kansei held an Environmental Communication gathering at the R&D Center and Headquarters with the local residents’ association and people associated with the company in order to discuss its environmental activities.
With 32 participants, including members of the neighboring residents’ association, companies and local government, we spent four-and-a-half hours introducing examples of our business activities and efforts for the environment, and then showing our guests around the factory and having a free exchange of opinions. Many of the participants expressed a desire for closer links with our company, which showed us the high expectations our neighbors have of us. We plan to hold this event every two years. Our Group companies in Japan are already holding these Environmental Communication gatherings with their neighbors as well.
We are also pursuing the promotion of field trial activities for electric vehicles (EV), through our participation in the E-KIZUNA Summit, and are engaged in promoting the popularization of EV. Specifically, we have introduced “Workplace Charging,” which allows employees and visitors to charge their EV at the workplace, and we have also installed rapid charging facilities outside the Headquarters entrance for locals to use free of charge.

Environmental Communication Meeting

As a Good Corporate Citizen


Both in Japan and overseas, we aim to contribute to local communities as a good corporate citizen by recommending and sponsoring staff volunteers at government-hosted events. We also strive to forge partnerships with local communities by setting up various opportunities for communication with them.

As a Good Corporate Citizen

Creating a Beautiful Local Environment

Earth Day participants
Calsonic Kansei (Guangzhou) Corporation Dalian Branch

Earth Day participants

Employees Uniting as One to Actively Pursue Initiatives

To contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, growing our business together with society is essential. To achieve this, we are undertaking a variety of global environmental initiatives, such as the efficient use of energy, roads and park clean-up drives, and forest maintenance.
In China, March 12 is designated “Tree-planting Day.” On Tree-planting Day in 2017, managers from the various departments of Calsonic Kansei (Guangzhou), including accounts, human resources, finance, general affairs, and production, gathered to plant a total of six trees, such as sweet osmanthus, moutan peony, and camphor trees, around the plant gate and in front of the cafeteria. These trees have been imbued with the intentions of encouraging employees to “develop a mindset of nurturing nature,” and to “grow together with trees we have planted.”
On Earth Day on April 22 every year, Calsonic Kansei (Guangzhou) Corporation Dalian Branch encourages employees to express their appreciation for the Earth, for the protection of the beautiful environment. The theme for Fiscal 2016 was “environmentally friendly commuting to reduce CO2 emissions.” On that day, employees who usually drive their own car to work commuted by bus, bicycle, or on foot.

Expansion of Initiatives Through Stronger Global Collabora-tion

Our sites in China have only just begun engaging in CSR initiatives, but by collaborating with Global Headquarters and each other, they will work to strengthen their initiatives further.

Building Homes, Communities, and Hope

Shawn Ryan
Calsonic Kansei North America, Inc.
Technical Resource Management
Design Engineering Manager

Shawn Ryan

Benefiting the Local Community

In Fiscal 2016, Calsonic Kansei North America Technical Center (CKNA MI) participated in several Habitat for Humanity* events to benefit the local community of Metro Detroit.

* An international non-governmental organization that addresses housing problems in more than 70 countries throughout the world, with the vision of “a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.”

Civic Pride and Social Responsibility

The DE Management team kicked off these events by working together on a future home for a local family. Several of the DE groups did smaller scale projects that promoted a sense of team building. The final project was a group of DE team members from different communities coming together to support the Rock the Block community event. The aim of this event is to revitalize the region and benefit families, individuals, and veterans in need.
CKNA MI has shown a strong sense of civic pride and social responsibility through its participation in these events, and we hope to continue to support this cause in the future.

All Employees United to Engage in Social Contribution and Environmental Conservation

Employees Representative Group
Calsonic Kansei (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Employees Representative Group

Recycling to Help Make Prosthetic Limbs More Affordable

With nearly 2,000 employees, the CKT workplace generates a large volume of recyclable waste such as cans every day. This waste is usually sold to recycling operators as scrap, but we decided that we could put the pull-tab rings to good use to help those in need.
These recycled pull-tab rings are used to make prosthetic limbs. Due to the high cost of new materials used to make prosthetic limbs, they are hard for the less economically well-off to afford. Our donation of pull-tab rings has made it possible to manufacture prosthetic limbs in Thailand, without the need to import them.

Protecting the Environment Through Tree-planting

In December 2015, CKT President, along with representatives of the CKT staff, conducted a tree-planting ceremony in honor of the 88th birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Maharaj. This was a joint initiative with companies in the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, where CKT’s plant is located. 3,000 trees have been planted in the area around the new road linking Bangkok and Chonburi Province, contributing to the mitigation of environmental issues.