Calsonic Kansei Releases Annual Statement under U.K. Modern Slavery Act As a Global Enterprise, Calsonic Kansei Strengthens Human Rights Measures

Calsonic Kansei Corporation (President & CEO: Hiroshi Moriya; Headquarters: Kita-ku, Saitama City), a global comprehensive manufacturer of automotive parts, released its annual statement pursuant to the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015 through a consolidated subsidiary in the United Kingdom.

The number of people in modern slavery(1) is estimated(2) to be 45.8 million worldwide, making modern slavery an extremely serious issue globally. As supply chains become increasingly globalized, companies are required to take responsibility not just for what takes place internally, but for the entire supply chain relating to their products. In response to these developments, Calsonic Kansei began formulating global human rights policies and adopted these policies on April 1, 2016. The policies provide for compliance with international norms and efforts in order to protect the fundamental human rights not only of employees, but throughout the supply chain.

The United Kingdom enacted the Modern Slavery Act in March 2015. The Act requires all organizations carrying out business in the United Kingdom with total annual revenue of 36 million pounds (approximately 5.04 billion yen(3)) or more to produce an annual statement regarding slavery and human trafficking during the relevant fiscal year. In accordance with the Act, Calsonic Kansei Europe plc. (Head Office: Llanelli, Wales; CEO: Tsukasa Fujii), a consolidated subsidiary of Calsonic Kansei, published the annual statement for fiscal 2015 (April 2015 to March 2016) on its website on September 30. Going forward, Calsonic Kansei will not limit its efforts to prevent forced labor, human trafficking, and unlawful child labor to the United Kingdom, but will expand them globally. Specific measures include supply chain due diligence(4), distribution of the CSR Guidelines for Suppliers, which require suppliers to cooperate with our CSR initiatives, and education and training to increase understanding within the company.

Calsonic Kansei will continue its efforts to address global issues through its business activities as one aspect of sustainability management.

(1) Modern slavery refers to situations that cannot be refused or escaped from, including human trafficking, forced or compulsory labor, debt bondage, forced marriage, forced sexual exploitation, and exploitation of children. (2) According to the Modern Slavery Index 2016 issued by the Walk Free Foundation. (3) Calculated at an exchange rate of 140 yen per 1 pound. (4) Due diligence refers to identification of the detrimental social, environmental, and economic impacts from organizational decisions and activities and taking measures to avoid or mitigate those impacts.

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