Press Release

Calsonic Kansei Promoting Diversity through Internal Infrastructure

Calsonic Kansei Corporation (President & CEO: Hiroshi Moriya; Headquarters: Kita-ku, Saitama City) announced it is improving internal infrastructure at its headquarters as part of Calsonic Kansei's efforts to promote diversity, based on ideas from its employees.

Diversity is a company-wide effort for Calsonic Kansei, which lists it as one of the values in Calsonic Kansei's action guidelines for employees. Calsonic Kansei actively acts on employees' requests and requirements regarding diversity. This time, works will be carried out on manual security doors separating common spaces from work areas on each floor of the headquarters building, replacing them with automatic doors. The aim is to improve accessibility, based on feedback from employees using wheelchairs that manual doors are not easy to pass through. This replacement will also be more convenient for employees transporting bulky items through the premises. In addition, based on requests from employees, one of the meeting rooms within the headquarters was converted into a prayer room in October last year. The room operates under rules which allow it to be used by people of any religion.

Calsonic Kansei will continue to promote diversity and listen to voices of employees.

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