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Calsonic Kansei Participates in the "No Overtime Day in Saitama Prefecture" Event on November 22 ― The Prefecture's Mascot Character "Kobaton" Visits the Headquarters to Promote "No Overtime" ―

Calsonic Kansei Corporation (President & CEO: Hiroshi Moriya, Headquarters: Kita-ku, Saitama City) announced that its three business establishments in Saitama Prefecture would participate in the initiative called "No Overtime Day in Saitama Prefecture" which will be held on November 22. The initiative is led by the Prefectural Government and companies in Saitama with the aim of reducing overtime work for workers in companies and organizations. Calsonic Kansei Corporation's R&D Center / headquarters (Saitama City), Yoshimi Plant (Yoshimi Town), and Kodama Plant (Honjo City) will take part in the initiative.

On that day, a video message by the Governor of Saitama Prefecture, Kiyoshi Ueda and President of Calsonic Kansei, Hiroshi Moriya will be played for employees of the company. The Prefecture's mascot "Kobaton" will make an appearance at the R&D Center / headquarters to promote the "No Overtime Day" initiative. After closing time, the company will provide opportunities for employees to enjoy interacting with co-workers such as the Christmas illumination light up ceremony. Three local food shops registered in the local Association of Commerce and Industry will also offer their food in the company cafeteria on the day.

Calsonic Kansei takes part in the "No Overtime Day in Saitama Prefecture" event as a part of Work Style Reform and will continue to work on reducing overtime.


Material for media report by Saitama Prefecture

Flyer promoting "No Overtime Day in Saitama Prefecture"

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