Calsonic Kansei Holds "Motorsports Day" at Tokyo Motor Show

On October 29, Calsonic Kansei held the "Calsonic Kansei Motorsports Day" event at their booth in Tokyo Motor Show 2017 which is being held this week. CALSONIC TEAM IMPUL's team director Kazuyoshi Hoshino was invited as a guest and he passionately talked about topics such as challenging himself over the past 36 years to become the number one as a race driver and motorsports team director together with Calsonic Kansei. He also talked about technological innovations in racing cars. The sessions attracted many visitors and became events where the audience listened with rapt attention.

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The next "Calsonic Kansei Motorsports Day" will be held on November 3. Please see the following notes for more details about the event. We are looking forward to welcoming all of you.

Talk Event 1 (1) 11:20 - (2) 16:00 - Speaker: Kazuyoshi Hoshino, CALSONIC TEAM IMPUL's team director

Talk Event 2 14:00 - Speakers: Kazuyoshi Hoshino, CALSONIC TEAM IMPUL's team director, and Yuichi Kuramoto, the leading expert in cyber security and president of WHITE MOTION LLC

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